How do you say “delicious”

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When we eat, have we ever encountered some unappetizing, unpalatable things?Today we are going to learn some common English expressions about “yuck”.First of all, we need to first recognize such a word: taste — n.Taste &One of the most common expressions in English is “taste bad”.This dish tastes bad and the beef is raw. This dish is terrible. The beef is all raw.”Yucky” is another expression we can use: yucky…The dish can’t be any worse.This dish is as bad as it gets.If you don’t like the way you put it, you might say it was “taste off”. The food didn’t taste right.The food is undercooked and tastes a little off. The food is undercooked and there is something wrong with the taste.Undercooked — (fried, fried, grilled…)For those who need to learn English series, please click on the following column to learn!!In English, there is another interesting way to express the taste funny, we call it: taste funny — (food) funny — adj.When the word is used to describe the taste of food, it usually means :(tastes) funny;Why does this meal taste funny? Is it overcooked?Why does this meal taste funny?Is it burnt?This is the worst meal I’ve ever had.This is the worst meal I’ve ever had.If you need to learn English, please click the column below to learn!Every day, new harvest every day;We work hard to progress together, come on!A buying column