Goddess image destroyed!Gong Xiangyu was tied up by Zhang Changning, Ding Xia dug her nose, the scene a joy

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Beijing time on January 28 news, China women’s volleyball three goddesses too happy, in the past, Gong Xiangyu dug Ding Xia’s nostril, now, Ding Xia and Zhang Changning achieve “revenge”!The scene was chaotic and the three girls were having a good time.At last year’s World Women’s Volleyball Tournament, Gong xiangyu held Ding Xia’s face in her hands while digging her nose with her nails.Today, Ding xia has her revenge, but Gong is taller than her.Therefore, Ding Xia turned to zhang Changning, a helper.Ding Xia is 1.81 meters, Gong Xiangyu is 1.86 meters and Zhang Changning is 1.93 meters.Therefore, Zhang Changning tied up Gong Xiangyu without any problem.At first, Gong xiangyu did not want to, after all, gong xiangyu is now the goddess of the Chinese women’s Volleyball team, but zhang Changning and Ding Xia “kidnapped”.In the end, Ding picked Gong’s nose.Ding Xia, Gong Xiangyu and Zhang Changning are the absolute mainstays of the Chinese women’s volleyball team now. After Lang Ping retires, more mainstays are needed.Gong xiangyu is very popular and often posts beautiful photos on social media.Some fans praise Gong Xiangyu, like Ma Sichun.But objectively speaking, Gong xiangyu’s appearance level is as good as Ma Sichun’s, because Gong Xiangyu is 1.86 meters, while Ma Sichun is only 1.70 meters!3 people’s emotional state, Zhang Changning has been married, her husband is Wu Edison, two people in the Chinese sports world let people envy lovers.However, Zhang changning is the core of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, so she is unlikely to have children for the time being.As for Ding xia and Gong Xiangyu, no scandal has been exposed.On the one hand, the girls are happy, but on the other hand, the girls have to work hard.From winning gold at the Rio Olympics to being eliminated from the Tokyo Olympics, The Chinese women’s volleyball team has been dealt a blow.Objectively speaking, The Chinese women’s volleyball team did not play its best in Tokyo Olympic Games.However, compared with the Us women’s volleyball team and other strong teams, The Chinese team is now at a disadvantage.In addition, Chinese women’s volleyball ace Zhu Ting is recovering from injury, after recovery, Zhu Ting will present what kind of state, it is still uncertain.Only 27 years old, Zhu Ting is the ace of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.