Touch and go!Thousands of Russian missiles have been deployed along the border and US bombers have entered Ukrainian airspace

2022-04-24 0 By

The us and Russia held an emergency meeting in Geneva on January 21, local time, but ended after only one and a half hours, shorter than the original plan of two hours, reported.Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated after the meeting that Russia had no intention of attacking Ukraine, while Blinken reiterated that the West would react quickly if Russia invaded Ukraine.In this regard, the relevant people said bluntly, it seems that after many fruitless talks, the talks did not make any substantive progress.In just a few days after the talks between the US and Russia, there was still a lot of military activity.It is reported that a few hours after the US-Russia talks, the US side announced on social media that the first batch of 90 tons of weapons and equipment had arrived in Ukraine. According to foreign media, there may be some unspecified “lethal weapons” among them.At the same time, NATO countries have also begun to provide Ukraine with advanced weapons and equipment.In addition, THE U.S. military has deployed B-52 bombers over Ukraine in recent weeks, according to U.S. media reports.In this regard, relevant personnel analysis said, now the United States openly in Ukraine deployment of strategic bombers, for Russia is undoubtedly a huge military threat.You know, B – 52 bombers have fired cruise missiles and nuclear weapons capability, can be equipped with some advanced cruise missile range basically in 1500 km to 2000 km, only 750 km from Moscow, Russia and Ukraine, once the U.S. strategic bombers firing cruise missiles from Ukraine, perhaps an hour can arrived in Moscow,The Threat to the Russian army will be enormous.Under such circumstances, Russia has reportedly deployed thousands of missiles, including hundreds of anti-aircraft missiles, in the border area with Ukraine in order to effectively defend against the STRATEGIC bombers deployed by the United States.In this regard, relevant experts said that in countering the US strategic military deterrence, the Russian strategic missile force may be an important pillar, and most of the ballistic missiles equipped are also hypersonic flight capability, much faster than the US cruise missile.At the same time, it is thought that once the U.S. strategic bombers strike, the Russian dagger hypersonic missile could hit the U.S. targets before they do.At the same time, Ukraine is preparing for a major war as the U.S. and Russia continue military operations.Ukraine is said to be distributing weapons and equipment to men and women of military age, followed by military training.In this regard, relevant people pointed out that when the situation between Russia and Ukraine is in turmoil, it is always a huge hidden danger for the US and Russia to increase the military deployment in the border area at the same time. Once an accidental fire leads to the outbreak of war, the consequences will be hard to predict.