Stealing takeout?Watch out for jail time

2022-04-24 0 By

A man stole 9 takeout was detained new Express news reporter Lin Gangwei correspondent Chen Wenjun Chen Yuying Yin Lishuo reporter learned on February 16, Guangzhou Huadu District Xinya police station quickly cracked a number of theft takeout food cases, according to the law to a suspected man criminal detention.”I went upstairs to make a delivery and within five minutes, the takeaway was gone from the scooter box.”During the Spring Festival, huadu police received a number of takeout brother for help, said its food delivery to huadu District Jinghu Avenue a residential area, have been stolen takeout food, food prices from dozens of yuan to about 100 yuan.Riders think of the loss of food, they have to bear the loss price, loss of a single means that they have to deliver more orders, and may be complained by customers, hope the police can solve the case as soon as possible.After receiving the report, the police immediately went to the scene of many cases of the community forensics.After investigation, the police found that a man wearing a red coat, color pants had many times take advantage of the gap between the rider upstairs to deliver food, sneak close to the rider’s scooter, open the delivery box, quickly take away the box takeaway, and then fled the scene.According to the clues mastered, the police to carry out further visit investigation.Because the location of the case is relatively concentrated, the police quickly developed the arrest plan.February 6 at 20, just as the suspect Zeng sneaked close to the food delivery vehicle, hand to steal takeout after the escape, was waiting for the police arrested.According to the suspect Zeng mou account, it has been idle without work, and infected with the gambling habit, lost a lot of money, so the relationship with the family deteriorated, in anger and run away from home and family cut off contact, the money in the pocket has run out, he started the idea of stealing take-out back to eat.In January 31 to February 5, he will be inside the village random “extraction” dining car to carry out theft, a total of 9 purloin takeout meals.After interrogation, the suspect Zeng confessed to the fact of multiple stolen property, has been detained by the Huadu police in accordance with the law, the case is still in the further investigation.