All COVID-19 inpatients in Dehong Prefecture of Yunnan province have been cleared

2022-04-24 0 By

Kunming, Yunnan, February 4 (Xinhua by Hu Yuanhang) According to the Publicity Department of Dehong Prefecture Committee of Yunnan Province on February 4, as the last two COVID-19 cases were cured and discharged from The Zhongdai Hospital in Ruili city, all the cases in Dehong prefecture since the outbreak of the July 04 epidemic have been cleared.Medical treatment has achieved initial success.It is learnt that since the admission of COVID-19 cases in Ruili, a total of 1,715 experts and medical team members from more than 100 hospitals of all levels and types have been sent to support medical treatment in Ruili.According to the actual situation of Dehong, the leading Group of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government for Epidemic Response formulated the Management Plan of Centralized COVID-19 Treatment Hospitals in Dehong Prefecture, standardizing the management of designated treatment hospitals and arranging special funds to support the construction of designated treatment hospitals to improve facilities and equipment.Work in medical treatment, health committee unified scheduling, in yunnan province committee sent to designated hospitals, guiding the hospital set up in dehong prefecture fixed-point treatment hospital dean, arrange the executive director of an attached one to send out, the province/state and deploy soldiers will rescue of ruili, improve the hospital management system and court system of prevention and control work.In line with the concept of “putting people and life first” and the principle of “centralized patients, centralized experts, centralized resources and classified treatment”, the medical staff have combined traditional Chinese and western medicine to carry out treatment work, providing Ruili experience for the treatment of COVID-19 patients across the country and the province.Ruili Zhongdai Hospital and Ruili Makeshift Hospital are not only designated hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19 cases in Ruili, but also undertake centralized treatment tasks in dehong Prefecture.According to statistics, up to now, Ruili has admitted 1,357 cases in total, including 957 imported cases and 400 local cases, without a single death. It is the county or city in Yunnan province that has admitted the most patients, and the only county or city in China that has admitted more than 1,000 cases in designated county-level hospitals.During this period, ruili Zhongdai hospital has treated 18 pregnant women, including 1 triplet pregnant woman with complicated condition.(after)