When China finally broke through the bottleneck and cut the time by a factor of 1,000, the West wondered: How did it do it?

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In recent years, China’s science and technology field has developed at a breakneck speed and made unexpected achievements in many fields.Now China is directly at the forefront of the world in many fields, which makes westerners marvel and wonder repeatedly how China did it.Developing special “materials” in modern science and technology is also a big challenge.Graphene, known as the black technology of the 21st century, is a special material with a wide range of uses.At present, this material has been applied in all kinds of batteries, touch screen, capacitance, seawater desalination and even pollution control and other fields need this material, especially graphene battery has become a key research and development project of many enterprises.In fact, western countries have already started research on graphene materials, and invested a lot of manpower and material resources to successfully separate graphene from nature.Graphene is a material with a flat structure, there are maybe 3 million sheets in a millimeter of graphite, so it’s hard to imagine a single sheet.But now China has not only isolated it, but applied it globally, successfully breaking through technological bottlenecks and making it 1,000 times more efficient, making the US envious.Graphite is a very common material, but once separated into graphene, its properties will have a qualitative change, there is a lot of room for development.Before this, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been a lot of exciting news.Thanks to the unremitting efforts of Chinese researchers, we have finally broken through the bottleneck and successfully developed graphene electronic components, a very special material that can be used in a variety of electronic products.Computers equipped with such electronic components work 1,000 times more efficiently and react 1,000 times faster than in the past.It is worth mentioning that the graphene electronic components made in China have better performance, and the US miscalculated this time and is unlikely to get stuck.In addition, graphene has many uses and plays an important role in chemistry, physics, biology, environment and many other fields.For example, graphene can be used in terahertz radar, which can greatly improve the performance of terahertz radar.The fifth-generation fighter is undoubtedly the most advanced fighter in the world. Its biggest advantage lies in its stealth capability, which can silently reach the airspace of the other side and launch a surprise attack.So how do you find a fifth generation fighter?Terahertz radar is just enough to spot stealth fighters, even the US F-22 and F-35 can’t hide from terahertz radar.So graphene is more important than we thought.Now China is making some breakthroughs in these areas that are the envy of the West.If applied to various scenarios in the future, it will undoubtedly bring more help to our life.